A Residential Home Electrician Helps Make Your Ideal Home Possible

Tuesday, Sep. 26th 2023

A Residential Home Electrician Helps Make Your Ideal Home Possible

Residential Home Electrician helps with kitchens

When looking for a residential home electrician in Kansas City, look no further than JMC Electric. JMC was founded in 2002 as a one-person endeavor and grew into a family business. Our owner and founder is a licensed master electrician with 25 years of experience, and today, we have numerous skilled technicians, managers, and support staff.  The team focuses on the electrical service and repair side, providing quality professional electrical services to the Kansas City metropolitan area. If you need the perfect electrician to help create your dream home, let us help!


Lighting is both an art and a science. It can affect our mood, appetite, and sleep. To create the perfect lighting for your home, you will need expert residential local electricians in Kansas City who fully understand electrical systems and lighting design.


The best time to upgrade or install wiring is when your room is framed in but unfinished because it is much easier to run wiring and place outlets and switches before the drywall is hung. It can still be done if the room is already finished. It will just require cutting into the drywall. Completing this step early in your project avoids the need to patch and paint the walls later.


The most important consideration for electricity in the kitchen is to put higher amperage outlets everywhere you can place your refrigerator and microwave in the future. The fridge and stove will need dedicated outlets. Smaller permanent appliances like the garbage disposal, dishwasher, and microwave should have outlets at their bases.


Safety is the number one reason for hiring a professional for your residential electrical work. When it’s done wrong, serious consequences can result.  Accidental electrocution can cause serious injury, costing thousands in medical bills or even death.

For more information about any kind of home electrical work, call residential local electricians in Kansas City JMC Electric at (913) 362-2100. For a free estimate, click here.


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