Repairing a Residential Electrical Outlet: More Complicated Than it Seems

Thursday, Mar. 23rd 2023

Repairing a Residential Electrical Outlet: More Complicated Than it Seems

Fixing a residential electrical outlet that is not receiving power could be simple or it could be a problem that needs a professional touch. JMC Electric in Kansas City can help you better understand the reason why a specific outlet in your home might not be working. For what to do when you find an outlet not working in your home, continue reading.
Unplug Everything
The first thing to do when a residential electrical outlet in your home is not working is to unplug everything. After this, reset the designated breaker in your breaker box by turning it off and then on again. Even if the breaker does not look like it has been tripped, it could still be. Having your electrical panel tested regularly will find faults that could cause problems like these in your equipment. If resetting the breaker returns power to the outlet, then it’s likely that you have just put more of a drain on the system than the breaker allows. You can fix this by rearranging appliances or by making upgrades to your system or your residential electrical outlet.
Inspect For Further Problems
If resetting the breaker does not restore power to your residential electrical outlet, your problems could be bigger than needing to upgrade your circuit or reduce the drain on that part of the system. You could have a broken wire connector, a blown fuse, or some other issue with the wiring. Call your local utility company and have them check your service feeder to the home. If this doesn’t produce any results, contact JMC Electric in Kansas City to schedule a service call for further testing of your equipment. 
Should You Do the Repair Yourself?
While you are legally allowed to do whatever you want to your home, doing your own electrical work in Kansas City is a gamble. It takes a lot of training to become an electrician, don’t risk your life by trying to save money. Electricity is not something to be taken lightly, even the smallest job could be a major safety hazard. The qualified team of electricians at JMC Electric are experienced and more than capable of handling your electrical problems.
Contact JMC Electric at 913-362-2100 for a free estimate today, or browse our website for more information on residential home services.

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