Residential Local Electricians JMC Electric Know Lighting Trends

Thursday, Mar. 26th 2020

Residential Local Electricians JMC Electric Know Lighting Trends

Residential local electricians in Kansas City, JMC Electric, are experts in trends in lighting fixtures for your home. Lights come in many shapes and sizes. Each and every system has a different use and a different goal for being practical.

Sometimes, the biggest changes to your home décor are also the easiest. That’s the case when it comes to lighting: Simply adding a lamp or swapping out pendant lights can make a big difference in the look and feel of your home when you have residential local electricians JMC Electric do the work for you.

Kitchen Lighting Trends

It’s easy to default to a more utilitarian style of lighting when it comes to the kitchen – after all, soft lamplight might not be the most practical when you’re carefully measuring out ingredients for a new recipe. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to have fun with your kitchen lighting with these trends:

· Matte Black – Black is a new favorite neutral. It’s chic, edgy, and making a space for itself in modern color palettes.

· Clear Pendants – Clear pendants are a charming mash-up of rustic and industrial design. Add an element of fun by hanging three at varying heights – the clean silhouettes and exposed Edison bulbs will keep the look sophisticated.

· Geometric Chandeliers – Trendy geometric shapes have given chandeliers casual appeal – making them lighting candidates for just about anywhere in the house, especially the kitchen.

Residential local electricians in Kansas City, JMC Electric, knows lighting trends.

Dining Room Lighting Trends

As the scene of dinner parties, family meals, and more, the dining room is a prime target for creative, show-stopping lighting. As we’ve seen the past couple of years, oversized dining room lighting is still in, too. Residential local electricians in the Kansas City area, JMC Electric, can professionally install all types of lighting in your home.

· Wicker Pendants – Wicker is everywhere in home décor, and lighting is no exception. It’s exceptionally versatile and works with styles from traditional to boho.

· Refined Industrial – Industrial lighting is here to stay (at least for another year). Look for pieces with contemporary and delicate features to keep the look modern.

· Romantic & Playful – Capiz shells, feathers, and bubble glass are gaining in popularity for the romantic touch they add to glam and modern styles. Like any piece of statement lighting, however, keep the rest of the room’s décor simple so your pendant or chandelier remains the focal point.

Residential local electricians JMC Electric in Kansas City knows that living room lighting is the perfect way to create a relaxing, inviting hangout environment. It’s also a great way to incorporate color, texture, and pattern into your room.

Trends in living room lighting include colored glass. Colored glass table lamps and pendants are gaining in popularity and are an easy way to express your unique sense of style. Wood bead fixtures are boho-inspired but incredibly versatile – it’s a great way to add texture and natural material to your space.

For more information about lighting trends, call JMC Electric at (913) 362-2100 or (816) 298-0100. To request a quote, click here.

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