Top 10 list of things home owners should not do in the Spring with regards to electrical work.

Friday, May. 4th 2018

Top 10 list of things home owners should not do in the Spring with regards to electrical work.

Water Electric Shock Hazards Kansas CityJMC Electric would like to provide our Kansas City fellow residents with some fun, helpful, practical, and electricity / water safety advice this Spring. While these may seem a little simple or whimsical, you would be surprised how often a friendly reminder may just be needed when it comes to dealing with electricity and water. 

  1. Don’t check if your outdoor outlets are working in the rain, if you do you won’t need a tester.
  2. Don’t replace outdoor light bulbs when wet after swimming, it can take your breath away.
  3. Don’t use your blender near your hot tub, get up and out to make your drinks.
  4. Don’t put your stereo next to a pool, just “turn up your radio.”
  5. Don’t paint near your electrical service during lighting storms, on a side note, stop painting before storms.
  6. Don’t change outdoor outlets without turning off power, its shocking.
  7. Don’t drive over extension cords, they are not like a garden hose.
  8. Don’t hang on or touch overhead service lines, it looks fun, but its not.
  9. Don’t do electrical half way or cheaply, it will only cost more later.
  10. Don’t call friends for family to do electrical work, call only licensed and insured contractors, like JMC Electric.

Safety is always important when considering your electrician needs. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all parts that we supply. We also offer a 24-hour emergency service. If you are in need of a residential home electrician during any time of the year, call JMC Electric at (913) 362-2100 or visit our website at

In business since 2002, JMC Electric offers home, residential and business contractor services in Kansas City and surrounding communities.  

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