What a Residential Home Electrician Wants You To Know About Surge Suppressors

A trusted residential home electrician should be educating their customers while also performing upgrades and needed maintenance. Knowing what a surge suppressor is one of those important things all homeowners need to be aware of.  A surge suppressor is a device that...

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Residential electrical panel replacement professional vs homeowner Kansas City #328595181 (Adobe Stock) JMC Electric

Can Residential Electrical Panel Be Replaced By a Homeowner?

While a homeowner could replace their own residential electrical panel, electrical panel replacement should always be performed by a qualified electrician. Most households have outgrown their existing electric panel. In older homes, the panel may be worn-out, damaged or insufficient...

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When you need residential electrical wiring in Kansas City for your basement remodeling project, the experts at JMC Electric are here to help.

Residential Electrical Wiring In Kansas City For Basement Remodeling

When you need residential electrical wiring in Kansas City for your basement remodeling project, the experts at JMC Electric are here to help. Remodeling a basement can take time and patience, and may involve a significant amount of electrical work....

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When lightning strikes your Kansas City area home, JMC Electric is the residential home electrician to call.

Residential Home Electrician JMC Electric Repairs Storm Damage

Kansas City residential home electrician JMC Electric can help when storms cause damage to your electrical system. A lightning strike can completely disable the power to your whole home. The professionals at JMC Electric are here to help residents in...

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Save On A/C Use This Summer With Residential Ceiling Fan Installation

Residential ceiling fan installation from JMC Electric in Kansas City makes sense if you want to run your air conditioner less this summer. A ceiling fan increases your home value and reduces your energy costs year round, but you will...

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Residential local electricians Kansas City JMC Electric have many indoor lighting solutions.

Residential Local Electricians In Kansas City, JMC Electric, Has Many Options For Indoor Lighting Solutions

Residential local electricians Kansas City company JMC Electric are experts when it comes to indoor lighting solutions. Lights come in many shapes and sizes. Each and every system has a different use and a different goal for being practical.  When...

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Commercial electrical services Kansas City are done professionally by JMC Electric.

Commercial Electrical Services Kansas City Offered By JMC Electric Are Done Professionally

Commercial electrical services Kansas City are proudly and professionally provided by JMC Electric in the Kansas City metropolitan area, specializing in commercial remodeling electrical work such as outlets, switches, upgrades and more. We also offer low voltage wiring including ethernet...

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Lightning Strike Electrician Kansas City

When Lightning Strikes Your Home

As residential electricians in Kansas City, we felt it's important to tell you, that lighting does strike homes in this area.  How bad is it when that happens? What needs to be done once it does happen?  Below is a...

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Replacing & Adding Residential Electrical Switches in Kansas City

Doesn't it always seem like lately that with technology the way it is today, there's always a new electrical gadget to bring home or to the office? As you ad more gadgets and appliances, the more electrical switches and outlets...

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Home Wiring Service Kansas City

Getting the Right Electrical Service Upgrade

Getting the Right Electrical Service Upgrade When a panel upgrade is required for additional power usage or additions, many different factors can determine the costs. Before a Kansas City home or business owner decides to commit to an electrical upgrade,...

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