What a Residential Home Electrician Wants You To Know About Surge Suppressors

Thursday, Dec. 22nd 2022

What a Residential Home Electrician Wants You To Know About Surge Suppressors

A trusted residential home electrician should be educating their customers while also performing upgrades and needed maintenance. Knowing what a surge suppressor is one of those important things all homeowners need to be aware of. 

A surge suppressor is a device that tries to limit the maximum voltage to a safe threshold.  A very rudimental version of these are the surge protectors offered at many home supply stores. A whole-home surge suppressor can also be installed as part of your electrical system by a residential home electrician to protect wiring and devices plugged into them.

Some surge suppressors limit voltage by routing excess voltage back to the grounding conductor (green or bare wire), others try to open the ungrounded conductor (typically the black or colored wire) or “trip”.  Surge suppressors can be installed in shunt (parallel) or in series, depending on the model and manufacturer; they may also guarantee up to some amount that they will protect downstream devices.

You may think you are clear from electrical surges if you do not live near trees or are not in a thunderstorm prone area, but the most common surges are caused by downed power lines, sudden changes in electricity by a nearby factory or the cycling on and off of printers, hair dryers, air conditioners or refrigerators, cites This Old House.

Why Consider a Surge Suppressor?

It is impossible to predict when a power surge will occur — therefore, the best preventative action in this case is protection. Use quality surge suppressors for valuable electronics. Don’t be fooled by 3-pronged extension cord strips. Ensure the suppressor is rated for surge protection. Additionally, contact a residential home electrician to see what installing a surge suppressor for you home could do for you home’s value and safeguarding. 

JMC Electric is Here For You

JMC Electric has offered home, residential and business electrical services in the Kansas City Metro area and surrounding communities for the past 20 years. Our trained, licensed, professional electricians will perform electrical services or repairs in a timely and courteous manner. We also offer new construction surge protection!

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