Hiring A Home Electrician Is Crucial For Home Office Remodel

Thursday, Apr. 22nd 2021

Hiring A Home Electrician Is Crucial For Home Office Remodel

Using a professional home electrician when you build or remodel a home office can save you a ton of money and grief. It may seem cheaper to do it yourself or hire a jack-of-all-trades handyman, but that can cost you in the long run. Whether it’s for a simple outlet installation or a complete electrical service upgrade, using a licensed home electrician that offers a solid warranty can save you thousands in the end.

If your office is in an older home, you may need to upgrade the electrical wiring. A ground wire is crucial for electronics, and some older homes still have two wire systems. If this is the case in your home, a home electrician can upgrade it to three-wire cabling that will help prevent costly damage to your valuable office equipment. Rewiring should always be done by professionals, as the voltage in home electrical systems can cause serious injury or death.

If your older home has screw-in style fuses, breakers that trip frequently, lights that flicker, or areas where you can’t use multiple appliances at the same time you need a panel upgrade to protect your home office investment. Outdated and dysfunctional panels are common in Kansas City, and they are more than just an inconvenience. If your panel needs to be upgraded they won’t just cause irritating power outages that interrupt your work, but could also lead to damaging smoke or a fire. Call a home electrician immediately if you believe you may need to upgrade your panel.

Whether your home office is new construction or an existing room, a dedicated circuit for your computer equipment is always a good idea. A dedicated circuit means that it has its own breaker in your electrical panel. With no other equipment or appliances using energy from this circuit, a dedicated computer circuit ensures that your critical office machines are able to get the power they need without overloading the system, blowing a fuse, losing power, or tripping a breaker. This also makes it easy to cut off the power to your expensive equipment to protect it in case of an electrical storm.

Using a professional home electrician when you build or remodel a home office can save you a ton of money and grief.

Perhaps you have a home office area that just needs a couple more outlets to accommodate all of your office machines. Adding an outlet or two may seem like a simple DIY project, but the risks of electrocution and fire are high without a licensed electrician. It is also crucial to make sure your home office is up to code. A home electrician like JMC Electric will make sure that your electrical work adheres to the current laws and building code requirements in Kansas City and surrounding areas.

JMC Electric can also install lighting fixtures and switches, ceiling fans, 220 volt circuits, and any other custom wiring that working from home requires. When you need a home electrician in the Kansas City area, we are here to help. Call (913) 362-2100 / (816) 298-0100 or click here to request a free, no obligation quote.


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