Residential Electrical Switches – Many Options For Your Home

Thursday, Oct. 10th 2019

Residential Electrical Switches – Many Options For Your Home

Residential electrical switches Kansas City with JMC Electric offers many different options when it comes to light and ceiling fan switches. Everything looks better with well-designed lighting. JMC Electric can also outfit your residential lighting with various dimmers, sensors, timers, and other components for the better control and energy efficiency.

When it comes to light switches, you have many choices. There is the push button, toggle, selector, proximity, photoelectric and dimmer light switch. Let’s take a look at these different types and what they do, and which is best for your home.

The push button switch may come in a variety of configurations regarding how the circuit is activated and cut. This kind of switch is a dual position device that can be pressed and released.

The toggle light switch is the most common type of light switch and is used on most lighting applications in homes and buildings. Toggle switches are actuated by a lever that is angled in two positions, enabling the circuit to be switched on and off.

The selector switch can be actuated by either a rotary knob or lever that enable multiple positions for proper selection of switch functions.

The proximity switch works by utilizing a sensor that actuates the current when a person is in a room and switches off when the person leaves the room. There are no external switches utilized. This type of light switch is common on most modern homes and will help aid in power savings.

The photoelectric switch utilizes a sensor that measure levels or amounts of light in the surrounding area and activates the circuit when the area is dim. The switch will turn off automatically when normal light levels are restored.

The dimmer light switch regulates the flow of current to the system that enable the light bulb to emit an adjustable amount of light. This adds much needed ambiance to the bedroom or living room and is an interesting way to entertain friends. Remember that a dimmer capable light bulb should be used when deciding to use a dimmer light switch.

Residential electrical switches offer many different options with JMC Electric.

For residential electrical switches Kansas City and ceiling fans, there are also multiple switches to choose from, including the ceiling fan chain switch, tap fan control switch, the single slide fan control switch, and the slide fan control switch.

Most ceiling fans are packaged with the ceiling fan chain switch, the standard fan speed control. Three speeds, low, medium and fast operated by a chain hanging down from the fan.

The tap fan control switch has two tap buttons, one button for the fan and one button for the lights. Light settings go from soft candlelight to bright white light. The fan speeds are from slow to full speed.

A single slide fan control switch is a simple slide knob, has three speed, a fan control switch that is wall mounted.

Three speeds are available with the slide fan control switch. It is designed to control a single fan with a light package. The light switch is a flat button toggle with on and off capabilities only.

For more information about residential electrical switches Kansas City, call JMC Electric at (913) 362-2100 or (816) 298-0100. To request a free, no-obligation quote, click here.

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