Residential Home Electrician Answers, “How Much Does it Cost To Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors?”

Thursday, Feb. 23rd 2023

Residential Home Electrician Answers, “How Much Does it Cost To Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors?”

As a residential home electrician company, JMC Electric prides ourselves on not only providing residential home electrical services to the Kansas City Metro Area, but also ensuring that our Kansas City homes are safer and equipped with modern electrical fixtures.

An easy way to make your home safe from fire hazards is to install hardwired smoke detectors. Hardwired smoke detectors are all wired together through your home’s electrical system, so if one is triggered, or goes off in any area of the home or garage, all of the detectors go off to alert for a threat of smoke or fire. This is a great benefit to homes like we have in Kansas City, Missouri with multiple levels and basements. Only having traditional smoke detectors means that one could be going off on a different level of the house and the home’s occupants may be unaware of danger. 

In some homes, the master or main bedroom is on a different level than child or guest bedrooms. Having hardwired smoke detectors installed by a residential home electrician means peace of mind for our customers. 

 How Much Does it Cost to Install Hardwired Smoke Detectors?

The average cost to have a smoke detector hardwired into your home can range depending on accessibility and size of your home. Yes, our residential home electrician professionals will install smoke alarms that are hardwired or interconnected. Your alarms are overdue for replacement, according to the National Fire Protection Association, if they are 10 years old

As a point of reference, we recommend our customers have between $80-$100 per alarm/room budgeted for this service. 

Contact Your Trusted JMC Residential Home Electrician Today!

JMC Electric offers expert Kansas City residential home electrical services. A JMC residential home electrician can handle everything from circuit breakers, panel upgrades, electrical troubleshooting, lighting, and ceiling fans to diagnostics, electrical wiring, and efficiency upgrades. We hire only the highest-quality certified electricians to ensure the best and most reliable electrical work.

For your convenience, JMC Electric offers a 10-year battery, hard wired smoke/carbon detector. For pricing Contact Us, anytime for a free onsite consultation with a written estimate with no obligations or costs. So, call today (913) 362-2100 and get the answers you need for your electrical service from JMC Electric!

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