How To Know When Your Residential Electrical Panel Needs An Upgrade

Thursday, Dec. 8th 2022

How To Know When Your Residential Electrical Panel Needs An Upgrade

Residential electrical panel upgrade is something every homeowner needs to consider. Whether it is during new construction, the purchase of an older home, or doing home renovations — making sure your residential electrical panel can handle your home’s needs in a safe manner is something JMC Electric is here to help you with. 

Signs Your Residential Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

  • You have “screw-in” style fuses – It’s not uncommon for older homes to have these types of panels. When screw-in fuse panels were introduced, they were perfectly fine, but because of the amount of electricity that today’s home typically use, they are no longer considered adequate, and you should have them upgraded.
  • Your breakers trip frequently – Even if you don’t have old, screw-in fuses, if you have breakers that frequently trip, lights that constantly flicker, or if you’re unable to use multiple major appliances at once, you most likely need your panel upgraded.
  • Visual Inspection Shows Wear – Do you see any charring or rust? Scorched breakers or melted insulation on wiring could indicate a need for replacement. The presence of rust means there was at one time moisture inside the panel, which is a big sign of concern.
  • Recent Home Upgrades – Our homes use more electricity than ever. Larger kitchens, more media devices, and other items such as HVAC systems can drain an older or inadequate panel. 
  • Panel is Warm To the Touch – An electrical panel regulates how your electrical system becomes. Overheating then triggers a circuit breaker to trip and protects our home from a potential fire. However, if your panel itself is warm to the touch, this means a larger issue is going on and it may not be working properly.
Remember: old, outdated panels are more than just an inconvenience. If your panel needs to be upgraded they won’t just cause irritating power outages, but could also lead to damaging smoke or to a house fire. Call a professional immediately if you believe you may need to upgrade your residential electrical panel.

Trust the Professionals at JMC Electric

JMC Electric has offered home, residential and business electrician services in Kansas City and surrounding communities for the past 20 years. Our licensed and trained electricians will perform your panel upgrade or any other electrical services in a timely and courteous manner. 

Contact JMC Electric at 913-362-2100 or (816) 298-0100 for a free estimate on all your residential electrical needs.

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