Residential Electrical Outlet Installation

Thursday, Apr. 28th 2022

Residential Electrical Outlet Installation

Residential electrical outlet installation from JMC Electric offers many options. It is important when replacing outlets to keep in mind not only what it needs to handle today, but what that outlet may need to power in the future. There are placement considerations when adding new outlets as well.


There are several placement considerations one should make when replacing or installing a new residential electrical outlet.

Types Of Residential Electrical Outlets

USB Outlets – USB-equipped outlets that have two USB ports in addition to the two standard three-pronged outlets are perfect for charging your mobile devices.  

Smart Outlets – If you want to take things to a new level in your house, you can get smart outlets, which are outlets that can be controlled from your smartphone. 

GFCI Outlets – GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. GFCI outlets are required in locations like the kitchen and bathroom where water is nearby. This type of outlet is meant to quickly shut off power at that outlet when it detects a short circuit or a ground fault. 

Switched Outlets – A switched outlet includes one outlet and a switch that turns its power on and off. 

AFCI Outlets – AFCI stands for arc fault circuit interrupter and it looks almost identical to a GFCI outlet. Arcs happen when electricity jumps from one wire to another, which can quickly cause a fire.  

These are just a few of the outlet types you may want to consider. The professionals at JMC Electric can help you choose just the right one to fit your needs today and into the future. 


Residential Electrical Outlet Placement

Failure to plan ahead often results in the use of messy extension cords and power bars, or even overloading your electrical system. Local building codes determine the minimum number and general location of outlets in your home, but you can add as many as your panel permits.


  • Put higher amperage outlets everywhere you might want to place your refrigerator and microwave in the future.
  • Place outlets all around your island or counters to allow for small electrical appliances. 
  • You may also want to put outlets under your cabinets for LED lighting.


  • Any outlet used near water must have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) to protect from electrical shocks. 
  • Outlets should be placed close to everywhere appliances will be used.


  • Place outlets with built-in USB ports for charging stations on both sides of the bed. 
  • Consider what other devices you may want to plug in such as a TV, alarm clock, fan, and vacuum cleaner, and place your outlets accordingly.

Living Room/Family Room

  • Consider built-in USB ports here, as well. 
  • Place an outlet in every corner as well as in the center of each wall. 
  • If you will be wall mounting a flat-screen TV, place an outlet directly behind it.

Home Office

  • Placing outlets slightly above desk height in your home office eliminates the need to crawl around on the floor to plug in your equipment. 
  • Consider the potential placement of each piece of office equipment. 
  • Putting your computer equipment on a dedicated circuit is advisable.

JMC electricians are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all parts that we supply. We also offer 24-hour emergency service.

For more information about residential electrical outlet installation in Kansas City, call JMC Electric at (913) 362-2100 or (816) 298-0100. To request a free, no-obligation quote, click here.


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