Residential Ceiling Fan Installation Saves Money

Thursday, May. 12th 2022

Residential Ceiling Fan Installation Saves Money

Residential ceiling fan installation in Kansas City from JMC Electric increases your home value and reduces your energy costs year-round.

Residential ceiling fan installation in Kansas City from JMC Electric can save you money this summer. A ceiling fan increases your home value and reduces your energy costs year-round, but you will feel the benefits the most when the weather heats up. 

During milder weather, the “wind chill” effect of a ceiling fan helps keep you cool without running the air conditioner. Moving air speeds up the evaporation of sweat from the skin, dissipating heat and making you feel cooler.

Ceiling fans also save on energy costs when used at the same time as the air conditioner. The thermostat can be set slightly higher while maintaining the same degree of comfort because of the cooling effect of the moving air. 

An increase of only 2° F on your thermostat can result in up to a 15% reduction in air conditioning energy use, with minimal cost for running the ceiling fan, which can bring down the ambient temperature of a room by as much as four or five degrees. 

Most new ceiling fans can be set to spin in either direction. The fan should be set to blow downward in the summer to maximize the cooling effect. Because hot air rises, the airflow should be reversed to pull cooler air up in winter, pushing the warm air back down into the room. 

Well circulating air maintains a more consistent temperature, so residential ceiling fan installation allows your furnace and air conditioner to cycle on and off less frequently, saving both energy costs and wear and tear on your HVAC.

In addition to the savings, residential ceiling fan installation can add a fresh look to your room. A wide variety of designs are available to suit any decor, with or without added lighting. A visually and functionally balanced room should have multiple layers of ambient, task, and accent lighting. A ceiling fan with a decorative light fixture can be the cherry on top of a well-designed room.

Electrical work always carries the risk of electrocution if not done properly, and wiring issues can be complicated. It is unlikely that a ceiling fan installation will turn into a large electrical job, which means that professional installation will be relatively inexpensive. 

It just makes good sense to trust the professional electricians at JMC Electric to take the danger and difficulty out of your ceiling fan installation. JMC Electric is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has won several awards for quality and longevity from Home Advisor. 

Our fully licensed and insured master electricians take pride in their work and customer service. JMC Electric is dedicated to providing prompt, courteous, and professional service at competitive pricing. We offer a wide variety of affordable commercial electrical services as well as residential.

For more information about residential ceiling fan installation in Kansas City, call JMC Electric at (913) 362-2100. To receive a quote, click here.


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